Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
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(Leipzig, Germany)

Located in the western Saxony (Sachsen) province of eastern Germany, Leipzig is an important city with a total population of around 500,000. Berlin lies around 185 km / 115 miles to the north-east of Leipzig and can be reached in around two hours by car. Leipzig is regarded as the most important city in the whole of eastern Germany and is continually evolving.

To the north-west of the city you will find the Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ), which has grown in recent years, becoming a major transport hub for the area. Each year thousands of visitors arrive at the airport to enjoy Leipzig's legendary classical music and opera concerts, together with major trade fairs, many of which take place at the trade fairgrounds on the northern side of the city.

Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ) Maps: Important City Districts

The very centre of Leipzig is surrounded by a ring road, outlining the city's historic fortifications. Those arriving in the city by train will find Leipzig's Hauptonbahnhof train station close to Willy-Brandt-Platz and the central Markt area, just a short walk from the action. The city's train station is vast and amongst the biggest in the whole of Europe, even featuring it own shopping mall and other attractions.

Sited on the eastern side of the city, the Augustusplatz area is based around the university, which dominates the area with its modern and angular architecture. Also located in this part of Leipzig is the Gewandhaus concert hall.

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