Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)
Ground Transport and Car Parking

(Leipzig, Saxony, Germany)

Leipzig Airport (LEJ) Travel, Transport and Car Parking: Photograph showing central roadsFor ground transfer options at Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ), passengers can choose between trains, buses and taxis. For trains, there's the Airport Express service, which is run Deutsche Bahn and connects the airport with the main stations of Halle and Saale. Other services include hourly intercity train between the airport and Hannover, Magdeburg, Halle and Dresden.

For buses, the Airport-City service operates twice hourly and connects with the city in exactly 30 minutes. Meanwhile, taxis can be found outside the Arrivals Hall of Terminal B.

General Parking Facilities

Extensive car parking facilities are available at the airport, with a total of five car parks dedicated to long stay and one for short stay, with a total of around 5,000 spaces spread both facilities. Long-term parking spaces can be reserved by calling: +49 341 224 1247. Spaces for disabled drivers are available in all of the car parks.

Leipzig Airport LEJ

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